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The veins of a company is its network. This system flows vital information to and from multiple endpoints, much like the veins in a human. Making the ever growing importance of a network undeniable to a company’s workflow. 

3 Most Common Network Issues


Can be caused by poor coverage, poor network topology, or incorrect allocation of resources.


Unable to connect to WAN, LAN, Server, etc. Possible causes: Incorrect IP address handouts,


Not a strong enough signal to pull amount of data necessary. Usually due to poor network topology.


Biggest Network Concern


Nothing else about your network matters if it’s not secure. At Origin Valley Technologies your network security is our top priority. Just because perfection is impossible doesn’t mean we can’t continuously strive for it. Oh, and once a year we bring in an independent 3rd party to perform a network security test and expose possible weaknesses. Just to keep ourselves in check. 

Networking Solutions


Cable Runs & Management

Access Points

Fiber Optic


Traffic Analysis & Control

Cloud Integration


Cable Runs & Management


Enterprise level wireless access points that cost half as much. Provides instantaneous hand-off between access points. We stand by Ubiquiti Networking equipment for all of our AP installations. Need help with another brand? No problem!

Our Point-to-Point connection is perfect for getting internet where there isn’t any. By setting up two small satellites (diameter from 8″ and up), we can take bring internet to a remote area on. your property.

There are so many different kinds of switches available for purchase. We recommend using Ubiquiti managed switches for most business needs. This allows for easier management of network traffic. 

Buying new servers is always a daunting task but not if we walk you through the process. We are familiar with AWS, Azure and local installs of any server brand. 

With technology like a cloud key we’re able to remotely monitor your network (traffic, security, etc.) to resolve potenital issues before they’re issues. Resulting in less network downtime for your business.

We start with a free onsite assessment to map out your current network infrastructure and determine strengths and weaknesses. For a current network issue fill out the form below, reach out via phone, or email above!

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