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Internet Anywhere


Wireless internet solutions to keep you connected no matter where you are. 



Event planners and corporate IT departments.

However, Internet Anywhere isn’t just for event planners. It’s for anyone needing short-term internet solutions. 

Concerts, Corporate Events, Weddings, Marathons, Sporting events, Festivals, Carnivals, Movie shoots & screenings, Fundraisers, literally anything with people. 




Short-term wireless internet solutions. Specifically designed for events and non-permanent locations requiring internet. 

We negotiate with ISP’s on your behalf to get you the lowest possible rate at special length terms. 

We ensure successful installation and manage necessary equipment to deliver wireless internet to your event. This includes things like point-to-point systems, routers, switches, access points, etc. 







While the most thoughtout and price conscious solutions require plenty of prep time, we’ve worked with extreme timelines of under a week to deliver a short-term internet solution. We can never have “too much” lead time, however a couple of months is optimal to ensure the success of your event. The best time to reach out is always right now.


From under a week to several months in advance.

Our network engineers are onsite the entire duration of your event.

Our entire team is on call the duration of your event.





Locations & Counting

We’ve delivered short-term internet solutions where other companies said it was impossible. While we’re based out of Nashville, our connections span the entire country and we’ll always travel for our clients.

We make strategic connections with local area ISP’s and rooftop owners to deliver internet where others can’t. 




Most events now can’t function without internet. But how will you get it to your event? We’ve got you covered. Literally.

Our network engineers are onsite at your event to monitor, administer, and manage your network.   This ensures minimal downtime, if any, and the fastest response time to hardware failures. 

Internet for all of your guests at the event. The last thing anyone wants is a spinning wheel on thier social media live stream right before their favorite artist takes the stage.

Custom Splash Page for your event that your guests see before they connect to the internet. This page can be whatever you want and can help collect vital marketing information.

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