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Web & Ios

We want to make your crazy idea a reality. And just like every other industry we’ve cut out the middle man. Because our engineers speak three languages: English, Code, & Crazy.

App Development

You have an idea. We have the code. Our engineers can code in multiple languages, including the most common app development languages: Java, Python, & Swift. 

Web Development

Whether it’s your first website, or your current one just needs a redesign the engineering team at Origin Valley are pros at bringing your ideas to life. 

Updates & Support

Who better to manage your new app or website than the team who built them! We can manage those applications for you and make upgrades to ensure your new software grows with your business.

Development Process


We meet with you and your team. At this point we just want to know more about you. Our goal is to understand the passion behind the brand.



We go back to The Valley & our team goes to the drawing board. During our brainstorming session we get the basic design and flow.


The Grind

Once we have the vision for your project, we’re able to create a timeline and the Origin Valley team goes to work!


Hello! (again)

We meet back with you with a demo-able project. This is a time to hear your teams feedback and get an idea for changes you’d like to make.


Crunch Time

We go back to The Valley to make final edits and recommended changes from our meeting. This is where the magic happens!


Application Launch

The finished project is presented to you and your team. Over the next year we’ll continue with UX research & push updates.

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